Best Beaches in North Cyprus

Best Beaches in North Cyprus

Best Beaches in North Cyprus

When we talk about North Cyprus it is impossible to avoid mentioning its beautiful beaches.North Cyprus has crystal clear water, golden sandy beaches and sunny weather. You have so many amazing options to choose from depend on what you prefer. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the long walks on the beach or a vibrant beach, North Cyprus has so much to offer. in this Article we will explore best beaches in North Cyprus.

Girne Area

Girne doesn’t have any beaches however, there are beaches west and east to this beautiful city. If you are looking for a place with water sport facilities and beach-side restaurants, the west part beaches are right for you. You have to pay some entrance fee since all of these beaches are private. The east side beaches are mostly public however, have this in mind that they are more remote and have fewer facilities. If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the unspoiled beach experience, the east side beaches are your best choices.

Escape Beach (Yavuz Cikarma)

Best Beaches in North Cyprus

With 5 mile distance from the Girne, this beach has a beautiful landscape filled with plants and flowers. There is an islet connected to the shore by a sandy path which guard the beach however, swimming beyond that cliff is not recommended. Also you can find a big restaurant uphill looking down to the beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas that can be hired. Also, you can enjoy water sports like Parasailing, jet skis, canoes and paddle boats. At night, it is a destination for younger people who wish to enjoy open-air beach parties with European Djs.  It can be really busy during high season.

Mermaid Beach (Deniz Kızı)

Mermaid Beach: Best Beaches in North Cyprus

This beach is located in a stunning horseshoe bay and it is covered in plants and flowers. This beach belongs to two hotels (Deniz Kızı, Deniz Kızı Royal) so you can expect this beach to be very busy. There are lots of activities available such as windsurfing, water skiing and fun raft for children. Also, there is a swimming pool available for you to enjoy. It can be hard for disable people since you have to take few steps down to reach this beach.

Caravansary Beach

Caravansary Beach

This beautiful beach is very well-liked with its beautiful golden sand and clean water. This beach is located 6 miles of Kyrenia in a pretty cove. There are restaurants overlooking this beach with delicious collection of Cypriot cuisine. There are sunbeds, paddle boats and other water related activities you can enjoy as well as swimming and sunbathing.

Alagadi Turtle Beach

Alagadi Turtle Beach

If you are looking for a raw and unique experience of nature this beach is just the right choice for you. This beach is located 10 miles east of Kyrenia. It has a golden sandy beach and shallow water for a good distance into the water. There is a good restaurant on site and a Turtle bar during summer however, most of tourists bring their own refreshments and shades. Facilities are limited but you find toilets. As it is obvious from the name, the green and loggerhead turtles come to these beach to lay their eggs in summer. During this season places that you can sit is marked with red flags.  The beach is closed and being patrolled during night however, you can attend arranged visit to see the turtles lay their eggs.

Acapulco Beach

Best Beaches in North Cyprus

This one kilometer-long beach belongs to Acapulco Hotel Complex. This beautiful beach is near Kyrenia’ mountain, 6 miles east of Kyrenia. you should pay an affordable entrance fee but you can use hotel’s indoor gym, Jacuzzi, and sauna for that fee. There are water slides going into a large swimming pool. There are lots of fun activities to enjoy like beach volleyball, Tennis and etc. You can enjoy good quality food provided by hotel’s restaurant as well as various beverages.

Famagusta Area

Famagusta is on the east coast of North Cyprus and has the deepest harbor in Cyprus. Since the city has the biggest education organization in North Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean University), it is a culturally diverse city. This area attracts thousands of tourists every year. A modern area with rich historical background, beautiful scenery and welcoming locals.

Arkin Palm Beach

Palm Beach

This beach’s location is unique since it is located at ancient port city of Famagusta. This beautiful beach belongs to Arkin Palm Beach Hotel. There is a small fee if you want use sun lounges and the pool otherwise you can use the beach for free. There is a restaurant there that you can choose from good selection of food. Also, there is a path through the water that leads to hotel bar where you can fresh up. The water is shallow and clean and suitable for families with children.

Glapsides Beach

Glapsides Beach: Beaches in North Cyprus

One of the best beaches in North Cyprus. Voted second-best beach in North Cyprus, after Karpaz Golden Beach. It is 4 miles north of Famagusta. One the most popular beaches in North Cyprus and favorite of young people. It has a golden sandy beach and shallow crystal clear water for 150 meters into the water. There are scuba diving school and other water related activities like Banana, Jet Skis, paddle boats and Parasailing. Occasionally, you can see boats are sailing in the water and people enjoying boat tours. Also, you can enjoy long walks on the beach along the shore. There are a restaurant, bar, mini market and showers available. This beach is the destination for party goers at night since there are normally open-air parties especially on weekends.

Silver Beach

silver beach

If you go to Salamis’s ruins, far south you can find Silver beach. Sandy beach gently goes into the see therefore, it is ideal for families with children. There is a reef separating part of the sea. So, it is a good place for people who want to go for snorkeling. The water is shallow for good distance from the shore so it is safe for children. Also, it is connected to Glapsides Beach from shore line so you can have a nice long walk. There is a cafeteria on site that you can have food and drinks. There are sun loungers and shades available with a small fee.

Long Beach

Long Beach

This beach is located on the curve of Salamis Bay near the city of Iskele. Long beach is one of the best beaches in North Cyprus. It is one the best beaches in Famagusta and most probably whole North Cyprus. It extends kilometers of white sand, sun beds and beach bars. The water is crystal clear and shallow which is perfect for families with children. You can walk along the sea shore for kilometers barefooted. Also, you can fresh up with fabulous drinks provided by beach bars. If you wish to stay for the night, there are many holiday villages around that you rent a villa with pool on site.  

Karpaz Area

This is a part of North Cyprus that time stands still. It has so many historical monuments from Roman period. But the special thing about this area is its unexplored nature. You can see Cyprus donkeys freely wandering around in their natural habitat. Hills are covered in plants, flowers and trees that some of them are unique to Cyprus. The mile long sea shores with turquoise-colored waters provide amazing scenery. Therefore, you may need more than one day to explore this area completely. You are going to have a raw, pleasant and relaxing experience in this unique area.

Golden Beach (turtle beach)

Golden Beach (turtle beach)

Voted most beautiful beach in North Cyprus. Golden beach is not just one of the best beaches in North Cyprus but in the world. This amazing beach is part of national park so you cannot see any sunbed or shades. Untouched nature, clean turquoise-colored waters and golden sand are the things that made this beach so special. You need private transportation to get here since there aren’t any public transportation available. However, it completely worth the effort. There are few accommodations and restaurants available near the villages. If you are lucky and visit in September, you may see turtles laying their egg at night. Also, the chance of seeing Cyprus donkeys up in the hills is high. If you wish to have a nature exploring and relaxing experience, you have to visit this beautiful beach.

To sum it up, beaches in North Cyprus have Mediterranean charm, touristic appeal and beautiful scenery.  You can have all you are looking for in one place. Whether you are search for a popular place or a somewhere to relax, you can choose from various selection of amazing beaches in North Cyprus. They are suitable for young people, couples, families with children and elderly.

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