7 reasons to spend you vacation in North Cyprus

7 reasons to spend you vacation in North Cyprus

7 reasons to spend you vacation in North Cyprus

North Cyprus has been tourists’ heaven for many years. This beautiful island in Mediterranean Sea can give you a unique experience that stay with you for the rest of your life. Here are some of the reasons to visit North Cyprus:

Reason1: Crystal clear water and beautiful beaches

Karpaz Beach

If you are looking for a unique experience, North Cyprus is your place. North Cyprus is tourists’ favorite because of Clear water, unspoiled sandy beaches and 300 day of sunshine. You can enjoy mile long beaches with beautiful nature around you If you like barefooted walks on the shore.

Golden beach in Karpaz is one the most beautiful beaches in Mediterranean Sea. Its unspoiled nature and pure water makes a pleasant experience for you. Golden beach is one of the reasons to visit North Cyprus

On the other hand, you can just enjoy relaxing on the sun beds and fresh up with delicious beverages. Also, you can witness Loggerhead sea turtles which are one of the many amazing creatures come to North Cyprus.

If you enjoy more vibrant places, North Cyprus has good offer for you as well. There are lots of clubs all around the island where you can enjoy beach volleyball, scuba diving, Parasailing and water sports. There many open-air beach parties at night where you can meet with other people and enjoy your time.

Reason2: Travel to see unique historical monuments

StHilarion Castle

You can imagine a great historical experience in North Cyprus with 10,000 year of history. Walk through ancient times by visiting the North Cyprus’ historical monuments. If you are willing to take half-day’s hike, the hilltop castle of St.Hilarion is a majestic site to visit. Then, there is Bellapais Abbey near Girne which is a nice mixture of beautiful nature and unique gothic styled architecture including ruin of monastery built by Canons Regular in the 13th century. Also, Salamis Ancient City near Famagusta is a must-see which is the oldest historical site in North Cyprus. These are just few examples of the rich historical sites which make it important reasons to visit North Cyprus.

Reason3: Stunning unspoiled Nature

flamingo Cyprus

North Cyprus is home for rare wildlife besides migrating species. Every year lots of bird species come to North Cyprus because of its location on the route of migrating between Europe and Africa. In addition, North Cyprus has been visited by Loggerhead sea turtles and Green Turtles in time of egg-laying every year. Also, the symbol of North Cyprus is donkey. These animals are commonly wandering around near Karpaz in their natural habitat. Additionally, There are 1600 different kinds of plants throughout the island that 120 kinds of them are unique to Cyprus such as the ‘Brossica Hilarions’, ‘Dianthus Cyprus’ and ‘Silene Fraudatrix’. Another must-see place is 2000 monumental olive trees in the “Güzelyurt-Kalkanlı” area that it is believed to be around thousand years old. These unique features gives you many reasons to visit North Cyprus.

Reason4: Safety and hospitality

North Cyprus Life

North Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world because of low crime rate. Therefore, you can enjoy walking around the island with no worries about being mugged or robbed. Despite the fact that North Cyprus has a diverse population, it is very safe. Most of the people even don’t lock their home doors. In addition, Turkish Cypriots are famous for their hospitality and generous personalities. When you go to a local restaurant beside very welcoming staff, most of the time the boss comes to your table and chat with you to be sure you are having a great time. You can experience the close and supportive community here that can help you to feel right at home.

Reason5: Delicious cuisine

North Cyprus Food

North Cyprus’ cuisine is filled with delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients. One of the most famous North Cyprus’ dishes is “Fırın Kebap”. This dish made of chunks of lamb’s meat or young goat’s meat being cooked together with potatoes in traditional jar shaped ovens. The other tasty dish is “Şeftali Kebap” which is an authentic Cypriot sausage. These sausages made from a mixture of ground goat or sheep meat, finely chopped onions, parsley and various herbs which are then wrapped into the caul fat.

In addition, there are so many delicious Mezes in North Cyprus which serve as appetizers. They include cold and hot dishes like ‘Humus’, ‘Cacık’, ‘Tahın’, fried ‘Hellim’, ‘Çakıstes’ etc. Besides, mezes mostly have been used in a traditional drinking ritual. If you want to drink “Rakı” which is a North Cypriot traditional alcoholic beverage, you should try it with mezes. Also, you can enjoy tasty sea food like fish, octopus and mussels in North Cyprus.

Reason6: Affordable Prices

Reasons to visit North Cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island in Mediterranean sea After Sicily and Sardinia. In comparison with other countries in this area like  Spain, Italy, Greece and even South Cyprus, you can enjoy full Mediterranean experience with almost third of the price.  The official currency in North Cyprus is Turkish Lira (TL) however, Euro, Pound Sterling and US dollar are commonly used. You can choose from various accommodations in North Cyprus like luxury 5 star hotels, holiday villages and B&BS with reasonable prices. The food and drinks are relatively cheap in North Cyprus. For example if you buy a can of beer from market, you have to pay less than one US dollar.

Reason7: Leisure activities

Golf Reasons to visit North Cyprus

There are so many options in North Cyprus when it comes to leisure activities. You can go for water sport during spring and summer. For example, you can do scuba diving and Parasailing in the pure Mediterranean Sea.  Also, you can enjoy boat and fishing tours. Besides you can join the many boat parties. You could try Yacht sailing from Girne and Gazimağusa Harbors. Furthermore, if you are looking to boost your adrenalin, you can go for Paragliding in Girne.  In addition, you can explore North Cyprus by Jeep Safari, Walking Tours and safe off-road 4×4 adventure on the mountain range. And for those who like to try their luck, there are top quality casinos that are totally legal. You can go to these casinos and play your favorite games in big or small hotels’ casinos. Tons of adventures gives you more reasons to visit North Cyprus

To sum up, North Cyprus worth the money and time that you spend. This beautiful and peaceful island is heaven on earth with amazing untouched nature and welcoming people. If you want to get away from crowded and busy lifestyle of cities, you should try visiting North Cyprus.

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