10 things to do in North Cyprus

10 things to do in North Cyprus

10 things to do in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is very vibrant place. There are many outdoor and indoor activities that you can enjoy during North Cyprus vacation. It has beautiful, unspoiled and unique nature. If you like to relax from your busy lifestyle, North Cyprus is the place to go. Here are some of things you should not miss while visiting North Cyprus.

North Cyprus vacation

If you like to explore under the sea, North Cyprus provides the best opportunity for you. Enjoy North Cyprus vacation with almost 30 meters extended vision because of the crystal clear water.

The water is warm so you can go for diving any time during the year. North Cyprus’ diving sites are open to all including the beginners. You can go to Zeyko Diving site close to Girne harbor if you want to see a 14-metre underwater mountain. you can visit the remains of ancient amphora.

bellapais cyprus vacation

There are many historical sites in North Cyprus. These places are usually surrounded by beautiful scenery. North Cyprus has more than 10,000 years of history. Cyprus island has been part of ancient Greek, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire and British Empire. You can expect lots of ancient and historical places available for visiting during North Cyprus vacation. You can visit castles uniquely build on mountains like Saint Hilarion on Girne. Many ruins of ancient cities in Famagusta, Karpaz and Girne worth visiting. Salamis ruins is one the most popular ones that has been built in the eleventh century BC (Late Bronze Age III).

National Park North Cyprus Vacation

During North Cyprus vacation, you should visit national park in Karpaz area. In this part of the island, you can see wild donkeys, unique insects and hedgehogs. In addition, North Cyprus is the home for 47 breed of birds that are native. Seven of these breeds are unique to the area. More than 300 different species of birds come to this beautiful island due to its location on the immigration route.

Cratos Casino

Gambling and betting is legal in North Cyprus. There are lots of big and small casinos all around the island. You have many choices if you like to try your luck and have a good time during North Cyprus vacation. North Cyprus has different options for you. If you decide to take break from playing, you can enjoy delicious food, spa packages and luxury accommodation provided by hotel for their guests.

You can find casinos in every city however, Girne is the heart of casino’s world in North Cyprus. There are betting facilities available which provide betting chance for dog or horse racing, football and other sport related competitions.

Korineum Golf Club

If you like playing golf, there are many golf courts in North Cyprus. Since there is 300 days of sunshine in North Cyprus, the weather is ideal for playing outdoor sports specially golf. In addition, when you play golf during your North Cyprus vacation, you can enjoy sea and mountain view from almost every corner of the court. regardless of your age or level, you can have an amazing experience in North Cyprus’ golf clubs. Besides, the unique design of these courts gives the golfers refreshing challenge with beautiful scenery which is what make these courts so special.

Karpaz Gate Marina

North Cyprus is the heaven for sailors due to its warm water, moderate weather and no tides. if you are just learning or professional sailor, you will enjoy cursing through North Cyprus’ water. you can use skippered traditional boats if you prefer to relax and enjoy the ride. You can stop for swimming, snorkeling and other activities during your tour on Mediterranean Sea. You might spot swimming turtles or diving dolphins as you are out in the water.

If you prefer sailing your own yacht, there are harbors available in Girne, Famagusta and Karpaz. If you wish to test your sailing skills there is annual Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally. Over 100 yachts race from Istanbul to the ancient port of Ashkelon in Israel mid May every year. They stop at Girne and welcomed by locals and sailing lovers with a celebration party.

banana boat

There are plenty of water sports available in North Cyprus due to its crystal clear and warm water. if you are into windsurfing, probably north coast of the island is the better choice for you. However, if you are an expert, you can try surfing in the head of the capes. enjoy water skiing regardless if your level. You can use clubs ans schools available in the island to learn how to ski. You can enjoy Jet skis riding and banana boat rides almost at any beach in North Cyprus . There are also power boats and canoes available for you to hire. In addition, water bicycle, tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding and almost any other kind of boarding are available for your enjoyment.

Paragliding Cyprus

The best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of North Cyprus truly is through Paragliding. If you do not know how to pilot a glider, you can enjoy tandem-paragliding flights available for you. It is completely safe since there is an experienced pilot flying the glider. Complete take-off and landing instructions will be given to you so you can have a safe and joyful experience.

You may enjoy solo pilot paragliding in North Cyprus. For you to be able flight solely, you should team up with an established company. You are required to fly with a local guide because it is possible you accidentally land on military zone. The most paragliding flights take off from Girne 2500 feet over the sea level. There is also another site available on Karapaz Peninsula.

Night life North Cyprus

Nights on North Cyprus are full of excitement and entertainment. There are a lot of choices available for you. Whether you are looking for a fun night out with loved ones or a night of partying, you can be sure that North Cyprus well serve you. Girne is the heart of entertainment of North Cyprus, has lots of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and traditional Turkish Cypriot pubs (Meyhane) available.

Clubs in North Cyprus are friendly, fun and safe. You can enjoy a night of dancing and socializing with your friends and family. There are a lots of restaurants available all over the island. Depend on your preference, you can choose a luxury, traditional, sea side or mountain side restaurant. Many parties being held at beaches and clubs with famous DJs from Europe. If you are fan of drinking and live music, you should try traditional Turkish Cypriot pubs (Meyhane). These pubs provide delicious traditional foods with variety of beverages in a family friendly environment

Turtle beach North Cyprus

during nesting season, The Loggerhead Turtle and The Green Turtle lay their eggs on the warm sandy coasts. Both are in the list of endangered species so protecting their nesting environment is completely crucial. These turtles come the soft sandy coasts of  Alagadi beach to the East of Kyrenia and Golden beach in the Karpaz peninsula to lay their eggs.

The nesting season is on late March and early June and hatching season in between July and August. If your vacation is around these dates, you can witness turtle travel thousands of miles to get to the coasts of North Cyprus in order to lay their eggs. also you can see infant turtles finding their ways to the sea. If you are planning to witness these amazing events, make sure you take the necessary steps since nesting areas are being patrolled by volunteers during the season. Make sure to not disturb turtle’ habitat since they are endangered species.

In summary, If you plan to spend your vacation in North Cyprus, you can be sure that you will have an amazing time. This beautiful island has too much to offer from untouched nature to big dazzling casinos. In Addition, you can enjoy hiking on the mountains, horse back riding and Paintball. North Cyprus is a place for everyone with any taste. North Cyprus vacation will be your best vacation. if you interested in visiting North Cyprus check our articles “7 reason to spend your vacation in north Cyprus” and “Best Beaches in North Cyprus“.

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